Art Creation And A River Promenade

The younger boys and I took another adventure. This time we headed downtown to the NuLu area. It is an area of old industrial Louisville that has been revamped and restored into an artsy fartsy, hipster business/restaurant area. I really adore what they have done with this area. We later moved on down to the Ohio river for more fun. Continue reading

Exploring Science And Art In Downtown

I have been trying to fill up the boys last days of summer with adventures. I, of course, offered my teen daughter to come along… but yea, you know how that goes. Our exploration today headed downtown for the Science Center and down a block to the 21C Hotel and Art Museum. We loaded into the car and headed down the backside of the Highlands to Downtown. Continue reading

How I Fell In Love At The Zoo Shooting Gorillas

I tried to spend the morning writing a 1,000 word Flash Fiction piece for a contest. As a mom with kids though, that is not always feasible. I did the usual of threatening them with a nap and then promised them to go somewhere if they left me alone to finish. Writing, however, is never REALLY done. I got the kids ready, emptied my backpack and threw in our water bottles, camera, chicken vienna sausages, and some cheese its and off we went. Continue reading