Bowen Hellraising at the Sparks Reunion

Whew!!! Survived the weekend on Bowen Hill! We had a Sparks reunion up on our family homestead of Bowen Hill. We are Sparks via our Mamaw, Olga Francis Sparks, who married a Bowen, Papaw. She was Mamaw Bowen to us. She was the best woman in all of the Appalachia… in my humbled opinion. Her dad, Charlie Sparks was a fervent preacher in the hills and her mother was Cleopatra Kidd… Mamaw’s rock that died too young for my Mamaw. Mamaw was one of eight children. She was tested in life with many trials and heartaches and despite it all, she kept her joyous spirit and brought happiness to many in her beautiful smile and sense of humor. Continue reading

Bowen Farm Bed & Breakfast

My dad inherited a portion of the family farm in Bowen, Kentucky (yes namesaked for our ancestors). He got the old tobacco barn that was built about 200 years ago and then started taking down old barns in other people’s farms in exchange for the wood he salvaged. He expanded his quest to taking down old general stores and apothecaries. The barn got fat with wood, fireplaces, doors, cabinets, and antiques.
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