Why Isn’t Being a Mom Enough?


I struggle every day with my choices in life for many reasons, but mostly because I feel that I haven’t done enough. I am not good enough because I do not have some great career or haven’t made some great mark on this world. I am a mom of five. I have for the most part been a stay-at-home mom. I have gone to work in the past and am actively seeking work now because the two men that I have been married to chose to put their own needs and desires over that of their children; only a mom is selfless enough to do without for the sake of her kids. Since the work was more to make ends meet and not to be some awe-inspiring business woman, I felt I did nothing.  Continue reading

The Millennials Unaddressed Public Health Issue

father and daughter

I am seeing a disturbing trend for our young people. It is affecting every socioeconomic/racial/religious/cultural background. Fathers are absent. Too many have simply dropped out of their children’s lives. I knew this was a problem for my own children, however I did not realize how common it was among young people until a recent conversation with my young teen daughter regarding an incident at school. She had to go to the office with a friend, for support, because the girl’s absent father showed up to try to guilt her to let him back in her life although he had chose drugs over her. After recounting this story, my daughter went on naming all her friends who have absent fathers… all did but one. Continue reading

The Life Of Women Today

Something has been eating at me and I think I can finally can get it into words. I find that the older I get, the more society seems to bombard me with their idea of being woman. They say that my 43 year old body that gave birth to five kids (not to mention the two 20 week old miscarriages) and has been abused by the men who were suppose to protect me must be thin, perky breasted, no gray hair in sight, big-bootied (but not too big!), and sexy as all hell! Well, those days have come and gone and the thing is…. that is perfectly alright. My body has created life…. freaking life… dare any man to claim the same! Creating life five times does show on my body; so does feeding those five human beings make my breasts anything but perky. So, f’in’ worth it though! Continue reading