The Journey to My LLTW Tattoo


One of my favorite words is “maktoob”. I learned this word from reading Paulo Coehlo’s The Alchemist. Maktoob is an Arabic word that means “it is written” or “destiny.” I am a believer in destiny; that life is a journey. We are all connected and intertwined; including our destinies. That is why I would have to say that my LLTW tattoo began in 2008 when I met my friend, Karyl Anne.  Continue reading

The Millennials Unaddressed Public Health Issue

father and daughter

I am seeing a disturbing trend for our young people. It is affecting every socioeconomic/racial/religious/cultural background. Fathers are absent. Too many have simply dropped out of their children’s lives. I knew this was a problem for my own children, however I did not realize how common it was among young people until a recent conversation with my young teen daughter regarding an incident at school. She had to go to the office with a friend, for support, because the girl’s absent father showed up to try to guilt her to let him back in her life although he had chose drugs over her. After recounting this story, my daughter went on naming all her friends who have absent fathers… all did but one. Continue reading