Minimalism: The New Way For You And I To Live Simply

For years there has been a craze to get organized. Gurus walk people through three piles of keep, trash, and donate. Then show them how to keep all the stuff you have left over in an organized manner with new storage bins, fancy closets, and under the bed stowaways. People are still with too much stuff and have to have huge walk in closets or storage units full of things that they do not use on a daily basis.  Continue reading

Five Steps To Scale Down Your Wardrobe

There is a great song that I adore … Scale Down by Appalachia Rising that talks about using what we have, not buying more and getting rid of the “stuff” that overtakes our lives and bring no worth; the bull being Wall Street making us debt slaves and greedy consumers who are destroying our own Earth.Here it is so you know what I am talking about. Continue reading