Sewing My Wardrobe


As you can see through my blog, I sew and mostly sew clothing from recycled fabrics. I have gotten busy with editing, motherhood, and a move and have not been sewing. That will not be lasting much longer. I have been inspired by Jen’s My Make Do and Mend Year blog. Her challenge is to make a new wardrobe in 2015 by sewing one item a month. She even has a hashtag #mmaw2015.
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Five Steps To Scale Down Your Wardrobe

There is a great song that I adore … Scale Down by Appalachia Rising that talks about using what we have, not buying more and getting rid of the “stuff” that overtakes our lives and bring no worth; the bull being Wall Street making us debt slaves and greedy consumers who are destroying our own Earth.Here it is so you know what I am talking about. Continue reading