Spinach Chicken Alfredo Calzones

At the age of 14, my family went to Europe and Iceland. My dad was (and still is) a fly by the seat of his pants kinda guy and so did not have a clue about Iceland, just thought, what the hey! Needless to say, it was an adventure. Come to find out, they were in the White Nights (6 months of light),  it was extraordinary gorgeous and only thing cheap there was fish, silver and wool (sheep ev-er-y-where!). Our first night there, we went out to a pizzeria. They did not have regular pizzas, but what we learned, was calzones…individual pizzas. My dad ordered five calzones and five coca colas; $50 bucks!!! That would be double nowadays! Although it nearly caused him a heart attack, they were delicious. We make our own, dough and all, from scratch and put what the kids will eat… they love alfredo pasta, so we do a calzone version. Hey! They are eating spinach, so no complaints. Continue reading

Mafe: The Best Dish Ever!!

In my community, we have people from all over the world. As a Muslim, I get to eat all the various foods of these people when we break our fast during Ramadan. I love the Pakistani’s Chicken Tikka Masala and homemade Chai Tea. The Somali’s Sambusa (fried pastry with spicy beef) and Barris Huruud (turmeric rice) are divine. But, the Senegalese have everyone beat when they make Mafe with lamb… their coffee rocks too! Continue reading