You Can Help! Support The Indie Film: Burning Kentucky

Burning Kentucky is a screenplay written by Bethany Brooke Anderson. It was originally intended to be a novel that is now becoming a film. But, they need some help to raise the funds for full production. Their goal is $50,000 and they have made about half of that and need the rest. They are going to be hiring all their crew, actors, and extras locally from Kentucky. This will be a much needed boost to the Appalachian area. To learn more and to donate to their project, check them out at IndieGoGo. Please share with all your friends!

A Request for Diane Sawyer to Return to the Place of Her First Gig as a News Reporter

This is a piece I wrote for my dad’s website: Bowen Farm Bed and Breakfast. I hope everyone will share this with everyone they know; hit the social media with this so that we can get her attention and hopefully she can find a way to be here for this event.

In my life, I have been around the globe. I have done many a thing and have seen even more; nothing compares to my home of Eastern Kentucky. The Appalachian region has always struggled and we are trying to improve  our situation with grassroots projects. One such project is The Rugged Red. I was encouraged by, Ken Rowland, former News Director of Channel 32,  to write to Diane Sawyer, a native of Glasgow, Kentucky, and ask if she would be willing to help us build tourism to Eastern Kentucky.
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