The Journey to My LLTW Tattoo


One of my favorite words is “maktoob”. I learned this word from reading Paulo Coehlo’s The Alchemist. Maktoob is an Arabic word that means “it is written” or “destiny.” I am a believer in destiny; that life is a journey. We are all connected and intertwined; including our destinies. That is why I would have to say that my LLTW tattoo began in 2008 when I met my friend, Karyl Anne.  Continue reading

Coding To Freedom

code louisville

I have been off of my blog for a while and I have missed writing…even rambling like I do. I was accepted in the Code Louisville program and have been struggling to keep up with the younger, more tech savvy folks. I enjoy learning new things and love the creativity that it allows me. However, when the kids got out of school and got that big fat fine on my library card (another setback from the move to no where; library books had been thrown in a trash bag by the Mr.), it has taken every thing in me not to just quit and cry.  Continue reading