Colorfest At Bernheim Forest

Kentucky is well known for our whiskey. As it is said, all Bourbon is whiskey, but not all whiskey is bourbon. Until recently, bourbon could only be called bourbon if it came from Kentucky. There are still requirements on what classifies as bourbon, but being from Kentucky, particularly Bourbon County and created by the water distilled by our infamous limestone (which by the way is exported to Saudi Arabia and other wealthy countries in order to give them the pure drinking water that we have) is no longer one.  Continue reading

All In A Day: A Monk Of Buddhism, Mandala Design, And Art Lost To The River

I follow the Festival of Faiths on Facebook. It is an annual interfaith festival working toward peace through mutual understanding. I saw that there was a Mandala being created by visiting monks. They came way of the Drepung Gomang Institute here in Louisville. The Mandala was being constructed at the Christ Church Cathedral downtown on 2nd Street. They would be working for a week and then the ending ceremony would be on Friday. I went down on Thursday to see it, but I could not find parking. My timing was bad as it was the lunch hour rush….my mistake. So, I decided to come back on Friday, but much earlier. I did and found parking right in front of the door of the Diocesan House.  Continue reading