The Journey to My LLTW Tattoo


One of my favorite words is “maktoob”. I learned this word from reading Paulo Coehlo’s The Alchemist. Maktoob is an Arabic word that means “it is written” or “destiny.” I am a believer in destiny; that life is a journey. We are all connected and intertwined; including our destinies. That is why I would have to say that my LLTW tattoo began in 2008 when I met my friend, Karyl Anne.  Continue reading

Getting My Creative On

lesson 1-3

I have been on hiatus from blogging. I have not frittered away my time. I have been delving into other creative endeavors. I have a slight obsession with fonts and typography. Actually, when I went back to school I was torn between Sociology and Commercial Arts. Both fascinate me; however, I ended up with a Nursing degree that has not been useful in attaining a career. 

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A Tattooed Art Project: A Love Letter To The World

I do not know if it is the blue grass or something in the water, but Kentucky grows not only bountiful harvests, fine thoroughbreds, and smooth bourbon… we also bloom talented and fascinating artists, writers, and musicians. Kentucky is rich in creative minds and passionate hearts making our state a magical land of possibilities.  Continue reading