El Camino of Louisville

el camino

El Camino restaurant is one place that was on my 45 Things Before 45. I have been wanting to have dinner at this sugar skull wonderland for some time. I finally had an opportunity to invite my wonderful younger sister to come along for a taste bud extravaganza.


My sister, Natalie, arrived first as we were converging on El Camino from opposite sides of town. El Camino  is in the heart of the Highlands at 1314 Bardstown Rd. in Louisville, Kentucky. Natalie landed us a nice spot on the outdoor patio as it was a lovely 75° March day. I first could not find her until I spotted the Mobster woman. She loves her sunglasses!


Like always, I started talking and we were going quickly into deep conversation before ordering. The very friendly waitress was patient with our lack of decorum. We perused the mouth watering menu before finally deciding on Tacos and Queso Fundido. My Taco was the Baja reminiscent of my days in San Diego. It was a Pacifico battered catfish with cabbage slaw topped with crema and arbol sauce. Natalie chose the Barbacoa: slow roasted beef and pickled red onion topped with salsa Mexicana. The Queso Fundido was a small iron cornbread skillet of Monterey Jack melted over negra modela braised mushrooms, poblano rajas (roasted and sliced chiles) with corn tortillas. Natalie had chorizo added to hers. We were also given each a large serving of lime flavored tortilla chips that were so delicious to dip them would be a crime.


The food was divine! It was a perfect choice for my 45 Before 45 list and I have no regrets. The staff were courteous and the decor and vibe were absolutely perfect. Bon Appetite calls it one of the Country’s Best New Restaurants. Food and Wine says it’s one of the Best New Bars in the U.S. This is not child’s play, they make their salsas, guacamole, and chips from scratch every morning and their drinks from the freshest sources; even their grenadine is made in house.


Another gem of this great place to hang out, dine, and drink is on Sunday evenings they have what they call the Pig Screen. The show old movies while you eat from a free pig roast.If you are coming for the Kentucky Derby or any other time, this is the place to dine, lunch, brunch and be. You won’t regret it!


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