Checking Off My “45 Before 45”


As you may have read before, I did a sketch of 45 Things Before 45. It is a list of things I want to do before I turn 45; being that I am 43 and a half now. I have a year and a half to achieve a lot. Time escapes all too quickly and I’m beginning to wonder if I dreamed too big. 

I have, though, been able to check a few things off my list: #1 get a nose ring, #19 become a minimalist, #38 start family traditions, and #40 start six word weekly wisdoms.

On Friday 13th, Tatu’s in The Mall here had a special going on… $13 piercings to celebrate Friday the 13th. So, my daughter and I got our noses pierced. She has a stud and I have a ring. I thought for sure she would chicken out, but she didn’t, although she made me go first. I am quite pleased with my piercing and actually miss the eyebrow and tongue one I had as a young woman.

Becoming a minimalist was something that I had been wanting to do, but never finding the time to eliminate a lot of unnecessary things in my house. However, an impromptu move from a four bedroom, two story house to a three bedroom apartment made the tossing less of a chore. I got rid of all the things that I thought I needed and haven’t brought anything else in my place. The majority of clutter was scrap fabric and books that I had read repeatedly. I now only have fabric that can be used and books I check out from the library.

We have moved to the other side of town from where the area we lived for ten years. It has no coffee shop 😦 but has a bowling alley, redbox, and a quick drive to the zoo. I took this move as inspiration for some new family traditions. We now have pizza/movie night on Friday evenings. On Saturdays we go bowling; all though I suck majority of the time. I got us a year pass for the zoo and Sundays we head there for a good workout walking down one side and around uphill on the other side. I still want a coffee shop though and consider opening one up myself.

The last thing I have been doing is the Six Word Weekly Wisdoms. Consistently, every Wednesday I post my life lessons, thoughts, and knowledge in six words to hopefully edify readers so they may learn through my trial and errors of life.

I am excited about my 45 Things Before 45; but am nervous about being able to accomplish the more physical ones in a year and a half. I injured my knee hauling things upstairs during my DITY move and am unsure how long it will take to heal.

The #21 grow a garden and #34 build a chicken coop may have to be adjusted to doing some volunteer work for non profits growing food. I now live in an upstairs apartment and I really don’t think they’d be keen on me having chickens on my balcony. I will, however, try and make a small garden on my balcony using shoe bags to grow upwards and make the most of small spaces.

It will be a challenge to complete my list. I think it helps me stay focus on my goals and dreams. If ever I wake one day not knowing what to do (yea right, I’m a mom), I can always look to my list and see what I need to do or work toward. What would your list look like? What things do you want to achieve before a milestone birthday or even your next birthday? Let me know!

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