Sewing My Wardrobe


As you can see through my blog, I sew and mostly sew clothing from recycled fabrics. I have gotten busy with editing, motherhood, and a move and have not been sewing. That will not be lasting much longer. I have been inspired by Jen’s My Make Do and Mend Year blog. Her challenge is to make a new wardrobe in 2015 by sewing one item a month. She even has a hashtag #mmaw2015.

I am in for this challenge! I have made several pieces of upcycled clothing. However, nothing is very consistent and I have not done well to mend the jeans that need mending, or lengthening, or what have you. I love dresses and at present, do not have a single one. 

I would love to do a mix of clothing; some recycled and some new, but all completed by me. I was recently looking at dresses… simple dresses that were not my perfect idea dress and they were selling for $89 to $99. I cannot in good conscious spend that much money on one dress that I do not absolutely love when I can make one that is to my liking for $30 or less.

I am unsure how well I will stick to an article of clothing each month. I will try though. I need to start with the clothing that needs mending first and toss the couple of things that are beyond repair. Secondly, I will work on one dress for me to wear for special events and go from there. 

I am stoked about getting back to the machine and have picked up some great tips and tricks from The Daily Seam that I am anxious to try out. I hope this will spur me further into a sewing business.. perhaps of Urban Turbans.

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