Moving Sucks!


I am finally settled into our apartment. It has been an adventurous move to say the least. The owners of the home we were renting decided to sell rather than fix the many things that were not up to par and in dire need of repair. This left us with little time to find a new place to live; which landed us in an apartment on the far side of town. 

To add to the adventure, just prior to our move we had been experiencing what was named Snowmageddon 2015 with sub zero temps and a foot of snow, ice, and more snow. Then, right after our move we had Snowpocalypse 2015 with another foot of snow and flooding. But, we survived the move into our new place.

The neighborhood is not bad. However, I do not like being so far from my children’s schools and all the places that we usually frequent. Although, we are in a smaller space with no back yard for the kids or garden. I have taken comfort in a few things. Most importantly, we are not homeless. I thank God for that!

I am happy that this move forced me to get away from a community that I no longer wanted to be a part of, but simply had to because of proximity. This community was keeping me stuck in a life that no longer served me, but hindered my progress and growth. The negativity was suffocating.

The move forced me to finally purge all the things I was having difficulty letting go. I am truly a minimalist with only the things we need and nothing that we don’t. Taking up space with unnecessary things only distracts from direction, or the flow of life.

My new place has a big well lit kitchen. In the old place, the kitchen was a hot mess thrown together after pipes freezing and bursting prior to our move in. It was difficult to cook; much less make healthy meals from scratch. Here it is so much easier to make good wholesome food for my family.

The move left me weak and quickly ill with a severe cold. I hurt. It was great though to move my body more than I have in far too long. I found that my body is far stronger than I thought it was. I also realized how important to take better care of myself. I only have one body and too many people depend on me to take care of them. I can only do for them as much as my health will allow.

The smaller space is bringing me and the kids closer. The big house we rented before was a two story and some of the kids stayed upstairs in their rooms mostly, some in the reading room, some in the living room… but rarely together. This small flat doesn’t allow for much separation; which forces us to deal with each other’s diverse personalities and even mood swings. 

I hate moving, but this move has brought a lot of positives in my life. They are not going to be easy to always appreciate it. However, I do believe it is going to create more positive changes with time. 

2 thoughts on “Moving Sucks!

  1. In the last few years we have recently been blessed with more space and my only complaint (because space is great!) is that we have to make more of an effort to bond.

    1. I completely understand. My kids are 21, 18, 14, 10, and 7; with my only daughter in the middle. So, in the big house no one really made an effort because of their age ranges and obligations. My oldest is finishing up his Bachelor’s Degree and working. My second went on to live with my 71 year old dad to help him with his Bed and Breakfast back home in Red River Gorge; finishing High School and working. My daughter being a teen girl is all about herself and then the two younger boys are the only ones to hang out and want to be with the others. So, for us this smaller space is a blessing.

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