Getting My Creative On

lesson 1-3

I have been on hiatus from blogging. I have not frittered away my time. I have been delving into other creative endeavors. I have a slight obsession with fonts and typography. Actually, when I went back to school I was torn between Sociology and Commercial Arts. Both fascinate me; however, I ended up with a Nursing degree that has not been useful in attaining a career. 

The whole idea of going back to school again scares me; with the costs and that I have five kids to rear. I do love to learn though. I have a passion for creating whether it be sewing, writing, or design. I did some research and found Karen Cheng online ( who taught herself graphic design. I am now following her game plan that she laid out on her blog. 

First step is to learn to draw. I got the book she recommended: You Can Draw in 30 Days by Mark Kistler. I have completed lessons 1 through 3; including the bonus lessons. I hope to continue showing my work on here as I progress. Next, on my list of creating is getting out the ole’ sewing machine for some possibly novelty items and a try at learning to dance the flat foot; a traditional dance of the Appalachia.

lesson 3 bonus

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