Minimalism: The New Way For You And I To Live Simply

For years there has been a craze to get organized. Gurus walk people through three piles of keep, trash, and donate. Then show them how to keep all the stuff you have left over in an organized manner with new storage bins, fancy closets, and under the bed stowaways. People are still with too much stuff and have to have huge walk in closets or storage units full of things that they do not use on a daily basis. 

It amazes me that we even have storage units. “The United States has 2.3 billion square feet of self-storage space — more than 7 square feet for every man, woman and child. One out of every 10 households in the country rents a unit, according to the association. Fifty percent of Americans who use them now are simply using them as a place to store extra stuff, even though the average home size has nearly doubled.” This is for those who bought some expensive piece of furniture and no longer want it but refuse to take less than they paid. From this madness has stemmed The Storage Wars as “entertaining” television.

Some people are realizing this lifestyle is not viable and completely unrealistic to survival. Usher in a new way to live simply. Yes you have your three piles as before with the organized craze, but more is in the donation and trash versus the keep. Out with the storage units and in with tiny homes. Now you are set with a small amount of living (and storage) space and you need to work within that square footage. This forces you to keep your necessities to a minimum and make sure they are functional. I recently saw a woman who built her own tiny home and in order to make room for her sewing fabric she stuffs the fabric in pillow cases for pillows until she needs to use the fabric.

Below is a great TEDx talk: A Rich Life with Less Stuff from the guys of It is very informative and enlightening.



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