Recycled Hippie Shirt

So, I had this old skirt that was screaming 70’s and loved…. and was too small and too see-through. I never got rid of it… well, because I hoped to upcycle it. I also had this mustard colored long sleeve t-shirt that had stains from cooking without an apron.. as do most of my shirts. So, I married them into a long hippie shirt.

The sleeves were too long, so I cut them down and made them 3/4 length with some remnants from the skirt. I took the pintuck area of the skirt and turned it into an abstract heart to go on the front of the t-shirt and then took the rest of the skirt and sewed it about to an empire waist, but not all the way…. and voila!

I know most people do not like my style as it is not in…. but being fashionable is not my priority. My priority is to “live simply, so others can simply live.” I want to reuse what I have instead of spend on new things. My goal is to live as naturally, simply, and purely as possible to have time for the more important things in life, such as peace and love and engaging in a spiritual life while edifying and empower other people to follow their dreams of a better life, whatever that may be for them.

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