Recycled Red Shirt Of Many Lives

So, about a month ago, I got this great red shirt for $3.00 at the second hand store. I love it because it has pockets which is awesome for a mom on the go. It has had several lives since I got it. It had some stains on it and I had first tried to draw a mural of birds on it, but did not like it. Next, I fashioned a white scarf on it, but it got caught on everything and my daughter said it looked like I got in a fight with a roll of toilet paper.

I loved the shirt and did not want to get rid of a perfectly good, comfortable, red shirt. I gave it a new life with the help of an old bandanna. This shirt and my little dress I made with recycled fabric, t-shirt, and turquoise bandanna are the two items in my wardrobe that fetch the most compliments.

I simply folded and ironed the bandanna into triangles; cutting some large and some small. Then just top stitched with red thread. It gives a little bit of a deconstructed abstract look. I like it and it works for me.


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