Art Creation And A River Promenade

The younger boys and I took another adventure. This time we headed downtown to the NuLu area. It is an area of old industrial Louisville that has been revamped and restored into an artsy fartsy, hipster business/restaurant area. I really adore what they have done with this area. We later moved on down to the Ohio river for more fun.

On our way east on Market Avenue to NuLu, we found some gems of murals. I liked the big-eyed girl with the “Gettin’ lucky in Kentucky.” Kentucky, particularly Louisville, is known as land of fast horses and beautiful women, or beautiful horses and fast women.

We made it down to the Local Speed museum. They feature a different exhibition from the Speed Art museum that is under renovation and expansion. Every Saturday they have a Free Family/Art Sparks activity based on a particular artist’s work.

The boys were ready to dig in. The activity was inspired by the artist, Lorna Simpson, related to our identities. However, the boys found stamps and it was all about what stamps they liked most. My favorite is the fleur de lis; it is our city’s emblem.

Wall displays in the Local Speed.

 Completed designs from the boys.

The exhibition this month through October is Discovering The Earth: African Pottery. I was really impressed with the detail and symmetry of these hand molded pots. These are not from a wheel. There was a video of how they constructed the pottery.


I found this one the most interesting as I have a fetish for body artification. This is a storage pot from Burkina Faso and the scarification of the child is a right of passage into adulthood.

The rest of the pots in the exhibition. They were all so beautiful. but it was quite unnerving traversing them with young children.

I love this wall!!!  “Before I die I want to….” You fill it out with chalk and then a good rain comes and sends it out to the cosmos. My oldest of the two boys wrote that he wants to “travel the world” and the younger one wrote he wants to “go into space.” I have too many and could not think on the spot, so I put one..”own my own business Sew Creative”. To be perfectly honest though, I would rather make my living writing. We will wait and see what the rain brings.

We walked by a nearby garden. The sound of the running water in the koi pond drew us in, but it was locked. We observed Lazy Susans peering out of the wrought iron gate.

Some scenes of the city on our way to the River. Loved the cool dude fleur de lis. Also loved the Rye building. It is an eatery with mostly fish on the menu and cocktails like the Butchertown Crown and The Shit. 

We made it to the Ohio River. We decided to sit a spell and chill out on the views of our beloved river. We were getting hungry so we hit up our local Tumbleweed next to us.

I was ready for some guacamole freshly made at the table. Boys patiently waited our turn. I loved the photo of the horse flag and the antler chandelier. I am not a fan of beer at all, but love the fleur de lis. Actually would love to get it tattooed and a fleur de lis nose ring.

After lunch, we strolled on over to the water park. Where there is water, there is my kids. It was fun to relax and watch them have so much fun. The fish water sprayers were awesome with their bright colors. I have a fondness for the Belle of Louisville and happy to see their kid version in the water park.

It was a nice surprise to hear drums playing on the river. Drums are spiritual to me.  We walked over to them after the splashing and they were kind enough to let other people play on their drums. Sheikhna got shy when he could not pick up their rhythm, but he enjoyed the experience. He is an avid musician even if he does not know how to play one…yet.

We walked on down to the River’s edge and saw barges and bridges. We saw the Big Four walking bridge. Once you circumambulate the spiral you can span the Ohio River from Kentucky to Indiana via the walking bridge. It is a one mile trip across one way.

On our way out, we walked back to the docks so the boys could feed the ducks the left over chips (plus extra from our very nice waitress). It was so hard for me to let them go down and feed the ducks since my youngest had drowned a few years back. I was so unbelievably afraid. However, I love my kids and never want them to live in fear, even if I do. I know that I have to let them grow independence. I want them to enjoy life and be fearless in all their endeavors.

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