Exploring Science And Art In Downtown

I have been trying to fill up the boys last days of summer with adventures. I, of course, offered my teen daughter to come along… but yea, you know how that goes. Our exploration today headed downtown for the Science Center and down a block to the 21C Hotel and Art Museum. We loaded into the car and headed down the backside of the Highlands to Downtown.

There is always something interesting to see in the Highlands. I pass this sculpture often and just adore it. I am excited to see the Kentucky Kick Down too.

We park down the river and find a Good Year blimp over it; of course I had to photo the boys and one of the many bridges.


At the entrance of the Science Center and the fun has already begun.

This museum is very hands on. The kids start off by learning how to build earthquake-proof for Louisville. We live on a bed of sand and one good earthquake can take it all down. Kentucky has gotten some doozies over the years. The New Madrid Fault affects Kentucky with a magnitude 8 hitting in 1811. The USGS just last month said we are at an increased risk for another big one.

We were then onto pipe work and making travelling tubes for the balls to navigate.

The boys took after their family heritage and dove right into the carpentry hands-on display… boys and their toys.

Mommy got happy on the camera/technology displays. I obviously love taking photographs and these were some classics.

They had more for me with this Victrola, beautiful dress and shawl, and old painted plow.

LOVED the paintbrush mancala display! I wanted to swipe this for my twin sister, Shawna.


If you are from Louisville, you will appreciate this as much as I do. This is an iconic classic. We loved are LRS 102 rock station!

This was definite hit! The boys enjoyed learning how to build the perfect long spinning top!

 We saw the pendulum of time, worked with magnets, balanced a city, and saw a mummy.

 Then we found they had a section just for moms! I love hats and crystals! I just could not decide which I liked best.

Then there were Polar Bears, Space Capsules, Animal Busts, Butterflies, and a the Skull of a Whale….oh my!

Then we got our Big Bang Theory on!

We then worked on our body mechanics and encased ourselves in a bubble.

We drove ambulances (Sheikhna’s favorite) and drove the TARC bus; very bad drivers.

Where there is water, there is my kids.

Youssef climbed the wall and Sheikhna traversed the ropes. They both took to the musical floor; although Sheikhna had to break dance on it.

We then walked over to 21C Hotel and Museum. The red penguin is their trademark. They also have a 30 foot golden David from Turkey done by the artist Serkan Özkaya, The boys and I were enamored by their red bejeweled limousine.

Their favorite masks: the rat and the horse. A wagon of sorts. A tornado of light fixtures. A heating coil making ice on a mirror.

A fire; much prettier than the couch burning in Kentucky.

Random pieces of art; one of Arabic.

Politics was the theme. Native Americans and Che Guevara.

The blue room and three dimensional art.

Word art. “Once the bird has flown away, what will we do with the cage.” From Cuban artists. The wall of falling letters. Mirrored poem.

We had to get our photo with the red penguin. Then there is this lady; what can I say?

A few shots from downtown. If I ever had my own business, I want my office in this building… it has a French Quarter je ne sais quoi about it. The Ohio River. A city marker and one of my favorite houses in the city.

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