What I Achieved While Off Facebook!


I decided that my addiction to Facebook was becoming all too consuming and really having a negative impact on my life. So, I took a week off. I figure that hopefully that would be enough to wake me up. If not, I would do longer. At first, I was surprised how much I look to my phone for FB. I had signed out of my account and that gave me enough realization that I needed to put the damn phone down.

The worse thing was the never-really-being-there for my kids. I feel horrible for all the time I missed with them. I cannot make up for it, but now I realize that I did lose precious moments and hope someone else reads this and takes it a lesson before they miss time. I would rather live in the present and you cannot do that if you are junked up on FB.

I have found that FB has been a crutch for dealing, or not dealing, with life as a stay-at-home mom. It is a social outlet. It enables you to have this persona that is not a mom; but a carefree, opinionated, intellectual woman. You are not just so-and-so’s mom, but an independent individual. My break helped me realize I can be that, but mom is always a part of that. Just because I am a mom doesn’t invalidate the fact that I am still a woman with a helluva witty mind.

I ended up doing more of the flanuerie that I love doing; taking photos, talking with strangers, meeting new people and all with my kids along for the experience. I got things done… that I had not gotten to because of “lack of time”. I was shocked at how much time I wasted.

I have decided to allow myself back on FB, but set a timer. I only want to be able to keep up with loved ones and group’s events; such as writing groups. If you are trying to cut back, but still keep up with family on FB, you could list them as family so that when they post something it will come in your notifications. It cuts your time on FB and eliminates the need to scroll through the newsfeed.

Here is the list of things that I accomplished with the free time from Facebook. It is more a reminder to me if I ever get sucked into the addiction again. However, you can see that being off Facebook is a great way to live life.

1) Took my kids to the library for computer time while I read James Still’s Chinaberry.

2) Finished reading James Still’s Chinaberry.

3) Took my kids to Comfy Cow for ice cream; found heaven in a bowl of Bourbon Ball.

4) Took my kids to Rauch Planetarium for their introduction to Pink Floyd.

5) Wrote eight blog posts; two were flash fiction (one of which is still needing editing).

6) Updated tweets and instagram.

7) Joined KiK to be cool with my daughter. I had to compete with BurpyMcSlurpy so I chose KissMyBluegrassAss.

8) Learned about Shane Dawson from my daughter and introduced her to Superwoman and Humble The Poet.

9) Finally figured out the fish are not fighting, but mating.

10) Gathered dusty Nursing books to sell on the net.

11) Learned selling on Ebay and Amazon.

12) Learned to take better photos of books.

13) Took some amazing photos! Check out my post about the zoo and my Instagram!

14) Decided to let my hair grow out; even if people piss me off.

15) Found more great music, like Ryan Bingham’s soulful Hallelujah.

16) I cleaned my room. Now before you think I am disgusting for not doing it previously, let me just say my room is the kid’s dumping ground. The t-shirts my boys stripped off because the were too hot outside found a home here, the books that they skimmed through found a home here, and the new packs of underwear and socks never left here. Then there is the corner of shame where piled all the things the boys have broken that I am planned to attempt to fix or trash.

17) Spend over an hour talking to my twin on the phone; catching up on family gossip.

18) Took kids to the zoo.

19) Took kids to Science Center

20) Removed old broken zipper on my green quilted purse and put in a new one.

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