Classic Rock, Stars, And A Laser Show!

I took my kids to the Rauch Planetarium last night. They have some great public shows and I got very excited when I found that they had a Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon laser show at 9pm and Pink Floyd The Wall laser show at 11pm. We went to the 9pm showing, I figured it would be a better way to introduce them to Pink Floyd; The Wall would be too much too soon. I was not sure how my 13, 9, and 6 year olds (the only ones that are available to go out with their mom) would handle it; I was anxious to find out.

We found parking quicker than I had thought, so I decided to let them peruse the gift shop and get a one gift each. I could not imagine that in such a small shop that it would be such a big decision. There is always that one child, and he proved to be indecisive. had to test every gadget, and then nearly took out the wall of displays when he tried a spinner. Needless to say, we were late for the start of the show; since there were not many people, they waited for us.

We sat back in our lounge chairs and watched the ceiling as the galaxies, stars, and planets rotated around. The music began and the laser show displayed in beat. The kids mellowed out and were engaged. My nine year old (the handful in the gift shop) was twisting around to try to see the the backdrop and the lasers as they went over our heads. My daughter was quiet and my six year old only grabbed my hand once when the lasers popped to a loud drum solo.

At the end of the show, I found my nine year old with a headache…too much stimulation for him. My daughter said the music was lame; I felt sad that she could not appreciate it. My six year old was so chilled and said he loved the music. All of them agreed that they liked the laser show. My nine year old liked where it went from the man’s face and into his eye and into his neurons of Breathe. My daughter was creeped out by the distorted face that turned into wicked laughter which went along with Brain Damage. My six year old like the pig and dog for Money.

We had a great evening. I will definitely have to take them again for a more “scientific” show. If you would like more information on the Planetarium at University of Louisville, please click here.

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