Tiny Living

I have a dream… a goal; to live simpler. I get so excited when I see tiny living, small homes, and sustainable living spaces. I cannot help myself when I get sucked into pages on the subject; hours fly by as my mind creates this perfect little domain in my mind to call home. I cruise by Lowe’s and spy the reinforced trailers. I get out only to check out the interiors of wooden storage sheds. Then I get out pen and paper to calculate if I can get the shed on the trailer, how much square footage for each of us, and how much home for my dollar.

I am obsessed! I draw pictures of my tiny home. I conjure recycled interior designs. I fantasize about a tiny home community of like minded people; artistic, creative, peaceful, desiring self sustainability, and willing to work together for it. I always put the dream aside as I do not have any land. I also do not have the means for land, nor the ability to really move away from the city due to family obligations here.

All my concerns about land came to a halt though when I saw an article on what one city is doing (and a few others in the story). They are taking already built space in the city to change the way we live… tiny living in a parking garage. I wonder about how one can buy a city plot downtown for gardens; would they allow tiny homes on these plots too? I am now investigating how tiny home friendly my city is. Take a look at the article here.


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