Kentuckians Being Turned Away

I read an article in the Courier Journal and I am beyond livid to find out that Kentuckians may be barred from entering Federal buildings come July 21. According to the article, the issue is the new security measures of the REAL ID Act of 2005. We Kentuckians, along with nine other states, must now show a passport (or military id) in conjunction with their license to enter Federal buildings; like the Ron Mazzoli Building here in downtown Louisville. It houses Senator’s office, IRS, and Army Corps. of Engineers.

I am all for immigrants having the right to be here (before anyone misjudges my frustration). However, does it make any sense that an American born and raised citizen, law-abiding, and engaged in the political system cannot go into a Federal building with their state issued (of the United States) license…but, someone who came over with a passport and obtained a license can go into a Federal building.

It sounds a lot like we are being punished for taking a stand against oppressive government invasion of privacy. Even our own representative for the EPA is being forced to get a $110 passport to attend mandatory meetings. Most Kentuckians cannot afford a passport, nor want one. We live in Kentucky, why would we want to go anywhere else? Sarcasm implied. Although, by 2016 we will not be able to board a commercial flight.

On that note of sarcasm, perhaps we should begin working on a United State of Kentucky and say to hell with the Feds usurping our rights and all but burning our constitution.  To read the full article click here.

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