ReFashion Of A Second Hand Store Find

I love the second hand store. There are some great brand name clothing on the  cheap… and then there are bargains waiting to be refashioned. Plus, most are owned by charities so your dollars should be going to help the less fortunate. I say “should be” because some big named second hand stores have been found to be not doing what they say they are doing, rather they are giving big salaries and bonuses to their CEO’s. I stick to the small church affiliated ones that do not have CEO’s.

I found this gem of a shirt for $3. No holes, no tears or picks… just one small stained area. I also bargain shop for my scarves at the second hand stores. When I first got the shirt, I thought to use my fabric markers and draw some birds… but I ended up not liking them. So, I chose to cover that up with a white scarf I got for $.25.

I gathered the scarf into fourfold and ran a loose stitch down the center. I then gathered it up by pulling the string. I then pinned it into place the way I wanted it and sewed it down into place. When I find another scarf to go with it, I will do the same up on the shoulder for a more fluid look. I saved my red with white polka dot scarf to wear on my head.

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