Spring Grows More Than We Want

Thanks to our deep winter, the poison sumac (ivy and oak) have been growing widely and healthfully. We found out the hard way. My youngest son has poison sumac on his legs and spreading. It started off with three, what appeared to be mosquito bite, bumps on his right leg. That was Friday. Saturday, he has huge blisters. Took him to the doctor and she prescribed him two meds (a benadryl and antibiotic). Sunday, he has welts on his eyelid and neck and belly…. another trip to the doctor and he is on an additional med (prednisone); which in hindsight was probably what he needed from the get go. If it is worse tomorrow, going to the Kosair Children’s Hospital and demand a steroid shot.

Interesting enough, I found out that five other people in our area has it too. I went to look on the net and found that Kentucky seems to be having a big problem with it this year. So, the old rule was when you see leaves of three, leave it be… that works for poison ivy and poison oak… but not poison sumac… they have leaves of 13.. very unlucky number indeed. It is spread by the urushiol oil of the leaves and blisters. So, my guy is covered up in pjs all day, has his own blanketed spot on the couch (the blankets will be tossed after this is over), and cooling showers (to ease the itch). He is such a trooper though; his legs look like they may explode (but they won’t) and he is taking it in stride. If you are going hiking, wear jeans and long sleeve shirts. If the kids want to play outside, keep them from the woods, bushes and ditches. Plus, keep your yard mowed and trimmed. Prayers for my son is always appreciated. The photo below is from Saturday… today, it was even worse.


2 thoughts on “Spring Grows More Than We Want

    1. Thank you. It seems the liquid prednisone is working on him. I think it is an age factor; he is only 6 and steroids wreak havoc on the body. I guess my guy is not like his momma, I get it in contact and only have a mild reaction.

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