Louisville Tattoo Arts Convention

Louisville is inundated with people from all walks of life; the tattooed included. I got my first tattoo over 20 years ago at the age of 18 (yea I know, I just aged myself). As a kid, I had fallen in love with my uncle’s tattoo he had on his arm. I thought he was so cool for his tattoo. He was cool, but for so much more. My first tattoo was based on a necklace that a traveler had given me. My dad had brought him in our home to rest up as he was walking across country and my dad had walked across country on stilts. I had fallen in love with his necklace and he was nice enough to give it to me. It was a silver navajo kachina doll with turquoise (my favorite metal and stone).

At 17, my parents were divorced and my mom, my sisters and I moved into an apartment complex where our neighbors were bikers. We became fast and good friends. The mom and dad rode with Tattoo Charlie, soon I would be too… but on his Harley dresser with him. He did my first tattoo. I brought him the necklace and he drew it out and inked it on my ankle. Then I had a feather and ribbon with my initials on my arm. I rode and remained friends with the neighbors until I married and moved away. Now, I still keep in contact with one of the daughters online and her dad has since passed.

Years later, after a nasty marriage and subsequent divorce. I got my eyebrow and tongue pierced on Ocean Beach pier in San Diego. I then went and got a Celtic heart tattoo on my chest to commemorate my heritage. I was then a single mom of three and much younger. Now, I am 42 and have no regrets over my tattoos. My piercings came out when I came into this community. I miss the eyebrow and really want to get my nose pierced with a fleur de lis, Louisville’s emblem.

Starting yesterday, The Louisville Tattoo Arts convention is taking place until Sunday, May 18, 2014. It is the third year for this annual event. It will be held at the Louisville International Convention Center at 221 S. 4th Street. For more information you can find them on Facebook.



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