Flanuerie on The River

I was in much need of a walk. The humidity that has crept in here the past few days has caused me to hold fluid, so I needed to walk and get things moving. I use to walk daily, but since I have been blogging, writing, and helping others with their websites/blogs, I have spent too much time sitting in front of my computer. It is still humid with storms on their way, so I thought the best place to walk would be down on the river. The breeze ahead of the storms were coming southwest from Indiana along the water cooling the area off by ten degrees easily. Fortunately for us Louisvillians, we have a great Waterfront Park with 85 acres of grass, trees, walking paths, playgrounds, water plays all along the Ohio River.

Birds were in play or nesting. Boho tattooed guys braved the murky water to take a dip (I do not recommend this as the river has very strong undercurrents), ladies on lunch were swinging, the barges were pushing loads of coal and the Belle of Louisville was out on an excursion. On my way out of downtown, I swung by and photographed our 30 foot gold statue of David right on Main Street. It is a part of the 21C Hotel/Art Museum. I also captured some of our beautiful buildings. Take a stroll with me through our River City.


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