Mother’s Day

Yesterday, was Mother’s Day. I am a momma of five and had a great Mother’s Day because I have some pretty awesome kids. My son, Kyle, who is staying with my dad to help him out with physical labor on his homestead and Bed and Breakfast, called to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day. I could sense a slight homesickness because he misses me, but loves it up in the Hills of the Appalachia. My daughter, Shelby, made me breakfast. Her and her two younger brothers, Youssef and Sheikhna, put their money together and got me some cards, gorgeous flowers and some much needed socks. My oldest son, Ross, cleaned the whole house. Then later Shelby made a delicious dinner of spinach, chicken stuffed pasta shells and garlic Texas toast.

Unfortunately Mr. For Now still had his chaotic school with some truly disrespectful youth. Albeit, I ended up schooling one in showing some respect, it made me realize how blessed I am to have my awesome kids. They would never show such loathing toward adults. I can take them anywhere and know that they would be on good behavior and can easily entertain themselves. Perhaps I just needed these heathens (the young people of his class) in my home to show me how wonderful my children are even when they annoy me. How do you know there is light without having the dark?

I had a lot of laughs with my kids too, such as when I read Sheikhna’s store bought card and he said, “thank you for taking care of me when I was boring.” Or Youssef telling me, “if I ever got a tattoo, I would be your kid that got an “I Love Mom” tattoo.” But, I was truly entertained with Sheikhna’s handmade card below. The top line are musical notes and the bottom line are pictures that depict the rhyme: “My name is Tony, I like macaroni, I slapped a girl with a piece of bologna (notice the “baloney”), I went to jail (notice the stripes on his shirt), I broke a nail (notice the little nail), that is the end of my fairytale (notice the horse’s tail).

sheikhnas handmade card


Although it was Mother’s Day, I still had to be a momma. I spent my day at the laundromat doing laundry, had to fix bikes, had to remove a tick from my son’s ear (thank God I saw it). It is that wonderful time of year for Lyme disease. I even had to set a few people straight. Sometimes it is utterly exhausting, I have gray hairs, my body is sooo not what it was at 20. I do miss my body, but I would not trade any thing in the world for my children. They keep me on my toes, educate me, make me laugh and put joy in my life… they certainly make life worth living. Even in times of depression, I think… gotta keep on for my kids. Happy belated Mother’s Day to all the women who have a positive influence in the lives of children!

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