Artists In My Family

I am a lover of art! I would give my eye teeth to be able to create something of beauty and inspiration out of nothing. I am of a lucky sort.. albeit I am not an artist… I have artists in my family. The two that are most synonymous with art are my twin sister, Shawna and my daughter, Shelby. My twin can draw and paint pictures of people that one cannot differentiate from a photograph. She also has art from paper and clay reliefs in her repertoire. When I was younger, I was her model many a time. I always would act frustrated because I was not allowed to move… or breathe, but in all actuality, I felt honored to be her subject because she was so unbelievably awesome at what she does.

My daughter, Shelby, is a Clay Ninja at her school. She creates her own ideas and designs… her teacher is all about creating from within, not forcing these things on people. She loves it and is a lot like her aunt Shawna, a perfectionist. She has had some take home projects to work on and she pounds the clay, constructs and then gets frustrated and pounds the clay into a mishmash forma again. It kills me as a mother watching her frustration and self loathing during the process, but once she is done the finished product is phenomenal. It is interesting to have these two females in my life; watching the torturous process of art in my sister growing up and now watching it in my daughter. It is painful to watch because artists pour so much of themselves in the piece… it is like letting blood to heal an malady from the body.

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