Storm and Sunlight

Siegfried Sassoon (1918)


In barns we crouch, and under stacks of straw,
Harking the storm that rides a hurtling legion
Up the arched sky, and speeds quick heels of panic
With growling thunder loosed in fork and clap
That echoes crashing thro’ the slumbrous vault.
The whispering woodlands darken: vulture Gloom
Stoops, menacing the skeltering flocks of Light,
Where the gaunt shepherd shakes his gleaming staff
And foots with angry tidings down the slope.
Drip, drip; the rain steals in through soaking thatch
By cob-webbed rafters to the dusty floor.
Drums shatter in the tumult; wrathful Chaos
Points pealing din to the zenith, then resolves
Terror in wonderment with rich collapse.


Now from drenched eaves a swallow darts to skim
The crystal stillness of an air unveiled
To tremulous blue. Raise your bowed heads, and let
Your horns adore the sky, ye patient kine!
Haste, flashing brooks! Small, chuckling rills, rejoice!
Be open-eyed for Heaven, ye pools of peace!
Shine, rain-bow hills! Dream on, fair glimpsèd vale
In haze of drifting gold! And all sweet birds,
Sing out your raptures to the radiant leaves!
And ye, close huddling Men, come forth to stand
A moment simple in the gaze of God
That sweeps along your pastures! Breathe his might!
Lift your blind faces to be filled with day,
And share his benediction with the flowers.

7 thoughts on “Storm and Sunlight

    1. Thank you! It is not my poem though… the author was at the top of the post, Siegfried Sassoon, an English Poet and Soldier. He wrote the poem in 1918. As for the photos, we had some nasty storms come in and I had to run home and get my camera to take the pictures of the surreal clouds.

      1. So embarrassed. Thank you for correcting me, Lonna Jo. Right there at the top; it figures! Yes, awesome pictures. My son knew the ‘names’ of all the clouds by the age of 6! 🙂 Fond memories.

      2. No need to be embarrassed, sometimes things get blurred in our busy lives. That is great about your son! It is awesome when people can find their purpose in life early on.

      3. Yes, you are right. We used to laugh because he was so easy to ‘buy’ for at Christmas…a new barometer? A weather vane? A 3-D globe? 🙂

      4. hahaha…:), my oldest son is finishing his degree in History with a minor in Middle Eastern and Islamic studies… he has been the same way.. just buy something history or politics related and we are set.

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