Slacking in My Blogging…. I Really Do Have an Excuse

I have not been to consistent with my blogging lately… sorry! But, really, I do have an excuse… a good one… I think. I have added to my list of “clients”… oh I do sound so professional… when really I am just the one around (in my circle of peeps) that has figured out how to make some decent free websites. I, personally, love wordpress (obviously). However, I had someone come to me that bought a domain name and hosting from another site… a site I had never used. I will just say, it was limiting and confusing…it says it gives you the option of altering the code, but really it does not. I basically spent a week growing more gray hairs and pulling some out because their site is so frustrating. I finally got something pulled together for the guy. It is nothing fancy, but he was not wanting to spend much on it too as he is just starting out in his business. I am just happy that he is happy and that it is complete.

friendly taxi services

I am still working with my dad on his site, but he is not very good at giving me fodder to write about and always promises pictures, but forgets… but he is my dad. He came to Louisville yesterday to promote #TheRuggedRed at the Derby Marathon registration. He had my second son, Kyle,  and my German son from another mother, Jan, with him. I gave him my camera to use while I took his to glean some photos from to do other posts. He was suppose to photograph what they were doing…promoting the half trail marathon in Red River Gorge, but of course he forgot to do so. He is much like a bad patient.

I am now working with another friend on her website for her new upcoming business. After working for years in education for other people, she is now going to take her knowledge, experience. love for kids and love for teaching to offer services to families looking to help their children exceed in school, help with homework, or bring them up to speed in their studies. I am so unbelievable excited for her and proud of her for having confidence in herself to go with her dream. She has always and will continue to do fabulous in her pursuits!

The Path To Success Learning Ctr png

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