The People’s Garden

I stumbled upon this group through Kickstarter. They had set out to raise $7500 and ended up raising $8660. The got five acres from the MetroParks in the Shawnee neighborhood of West Louisville. In turn they built two  100′ X 30′ greenhouses, beehives, and 2,000 pounds of fresh, local, and organic food to sell in the West of Louisville. All this with the help of 20 volunteer community gardeners. It is now Louisville’s largest year-round garden. They boast a community garden, a market garden and a children’s garden. The Market garden grows food that is sold at Healthy in a Hurry corner stores and Shawnee Fresh Stop. The children’s garden is a hands-on educational program for elementary school students. “If they grow it, they will more likely eat it, what they grow.” Community Gardener.

This project makes me so happy. They have a website but is “currently being cultivated.” Please visit their site when it is up and ready.

the peoples garden
The People’s Garden gardeners with Mayor of Louisville, Greg Fischer (sourced from Kickstarter)

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