Kentucky Wildcats Lost!!!

Here in Kentucky, basketball is serious business… and dangerous too! Just last year two men who were having dialysis got in a fight over the March Madness (appropriately named); one man was a U of L fan (Louisville, Kentucky) and the other was a U of K fan (Lexington, Kentucky). The fighting was so bad that they were pulling lines and losing blood. Needless to say, these guys are the norm and not the rarity here. We are taught at a young age to play ball and to pick a team… albeit I do not, I am seriously just pleased as punch if one of the two teams wins the NCAA championship.

Another thing that happens in Kentucky with these dueling teams (not banjos) is burning couches… it is a past time whether you win or lose, but usually when you win… don’t ask, I have not figured out the logic behind that. Here in Louisville, when Louisville has won any of the games beyond the Sweet 16, one does not have to be watching the game…. winning is known by the rumbling roar across the city by the fans. No lie! I can only imagine it is the same way in Lexington when U of K wins. Kentuckians are passionate people with a wee bit of temper and charm thrown in which makes for heart stopping March Madness here.

It was a hard time watching the games. It hurt to see U of L lose to U of K and tonight it was hard to watch U of K lose to UConn… they are not called Cardiac Cats (or Cards for that matter) for nothing… they usually pull it out of their backsides right in the last ten minutes, but tonight just could not do it. All the same, the fans and the haters here are all still riled up and doing their best to go out of Maddening March with a bang…. or a bonfire. It has been fun, but I am happy for it to all be over, because it is just too much excitement for me… or heart attacks, screaming, and fist pumping.

As of 12:31 am, there are 27 fires burning in Lexington, Kentucky. It is a Kentucky thang, you would not understand. Here is a little diddy from photos my uncle was posting from Eastern Kentucky… the farewell to the couch.

couch burning collage

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