DIY: Homemade Lip Balm

The windy weather has come in for Spring and I am going through lip balm at an alarming rate. Not that I use that much, but once I have a stick, the kids “need” it too. I took my kids to my dad’s yesterday and one of my many had been having a field day on his lips. I had just given him a tube of chapstick not two days before and he did not have it with him. I parted with my last tube in name of motherhood and made the two hour drive home, wishing for some lip balm. It was late and really did not want to stop in some random gas station to buy some, so I thought about chapstick all the way home.

This morning, I had to make some errands and knew I would be going by Rainbow Blossom. I stopped in and bought some beeswax beads. They have a great selection of uncommon that you can bag and weigh yourself. My next stop on my errand list was going to the Darasalam grocery store. It is a local Senegalese store and being that they are Muslim, they have non alcoholic oils/essences/extracts. I rummaged through their extensive selection of guava, mango, etc. and chose mint. It would go great with the little bits of raw cacao I picked up at Rainbow Blossom. In my errand run, I had also picked up some local raw honey at ValuMarket and it would be part of my brew too.

Via the double broiler method, I pulled out the coconut oil and decided on melting two parts with two parts of the beeswax beads along with the two bits of raw cacao and an 1/8th of a teaspoon of mint essence. Once it had melted, I stirred in 1 teaspoon of the raw honey so it can keep it’s antibacterial properties. I had picked up some medicine caps at the dollar store, but then realized only the top cap has a lid. Needless to say, I only filled one jar and put the rest of the mixture in the freezer until I can get some more jars. I found a small altoids tin in my purse and used it too; I am sure my one and only daughter will claim it when she comes home. Love my new lip balm… it tastes, smells and feels utterly divine. Super simple and easy! You should try it too!

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