Just Smile And Wave

I do not live in the best part of town, so when you see someone who goes out of their way to be friendly and caring about others it is a striking contrast. I live near a big industrial plant that is a household name. The main road in ends with a divide to the plant or the off street that leads to my house; making it a very desolate area. Nearly every day, I head out or on my way back in, I see this man walking. He walks with a limp, but he is powerful. It seems that walking strengthens him instead of tiring him. The thing that makes me take notice of this man and not the many other folks I see walking around the city is that he waves at every single car that passes him. A car comes within a 1/8th of mile of him and he throws out and up his arm and gives a wide arcing wave. He smiles and waves. He makes others smile and I always wave back… sometimes I see him in a distance and get myself all ready to give a big wave back.

It is funny what a connection I feel to this man for his simple gesture. Maybe it is because when I was a kid and we traveled (a lot), I would wave at everyone I saw. I was so dedicated that even when I fell asleep, if a car honked, I would throw up my hand and wave. Me and this man are kindred spirits. The thing is, he may not know, but every time I see him waving, I pray for him. I pray that everything is all right with him or soon will be. These are the true servants of God/Creator. I love this man for his kindness and the joy he brings me and others.

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