Desperately Seeking Spring

Here in Louisville, we are so blessed to have many parks designed by Fredrick Law Olmstead, best known for creating Central Park in New York (we have a Central Park designed by him too!). I absolutely love our park system, but I do have a favorite… Cherokee Park in the heartland of the Highlands area. It is a glorious 409 acres with Beargrass Creek running through most of it. It is perfect with the road/pedestrian lane going one direction through the Scenic Loop and innumerable trails and offshoot paved pathways. It is my go to place when I need time to de-stress.

Today, I went to refresh my spirit and hoped to find some signs of Spring. The winter kicked my butt and I need to enliven my soul from a the effects of a hibernating winter. I set out with camera in hand and found all sorts of unique sites and definite signs of Spring.

4 thoughts on “Desperately Seeking Spring

    1. Thank you!! I hope the weather men/women are wrong about the upcoming snow on Tuesday here… it just may crack my spirit. I am ready to be outdoors more.

      1. I hope they are wrong too! I’ve never had such bad cabin fever before in my life. Let’s just hope that if we get more of the “S” word, it’s the last of the season. Happy Spring!

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