I Am Still Learning…

I am so new to this whole blog thing… I mean have managed other people’s blogs for their non-profits and businesses, but never did my own. I knew I wanted a lifestyle blog from the get go, but then there was enticement to do some niche or otherworldly blog. But, I think I was on the right course the first time, so I spent some time reading up on things and talked to my biggest cheerleader, my twin sister. I now have clarity on what I am doing here… but that is always opened to change again as I am not a stagnate person.

I have also been spending a lot of time with my dad’s website and social media. He has not only the Bed and Breakfast, but The Rugged Red (trail half marathon through the Red River Gorge= Awesomesauce!!!) He has a lot going on and I am his back up (wo) man. There is a lot of writing, learning and planning, but I am quite enjoying it.

I hope those who follow me, have some patience and stick around. Just for your viewing pleasure, here is a photo from the Gorge… It is the Nada Tunnel.

Nada Tunnel

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