Pushing People Out of Islam

This video will not be up for long, but wanted to share it while it was. It is sad and shameful that this happened to her, but all too common. Most Muslim communities are based on the respective cultures that built the masjids and have no understanding nor desire to understand what it is like to be a convert. They nitpick every part of who we are because we were not raised like them. They make us feel inferior and even make remarks that we are not a “real Muslim”. That is not Islam. When we converts make mistakes we are bashed and called names. When the other members of the community make mistakes, we are told to make 70 excuses for our sister/brother in deen. There is definitely a problem when people say, “I am glad I learned about Islam before I met the Muslims” or converts who have been Muslim for years, or a decade or more, leave because of the way they were treated by their fellow Muslims. Hope everyone takes this as it is intended, to open eyes and make people aware, and do not put up their defenses…

2 thoughts on “Pushing People Out of Islam

  1. Salam Alaikum Lonna Jo!
    Beautiful blog. I just want to say that I agree with every word you wrote. I am a born-muslim. I grew up in Saudi. The last 6 years I was living in the US. When I was there, living in a new environment, I realized that I, and most born muslims, do not differentiate between culture and religion. We are so rigid with each other. Many times we overreact when tiny mistakes of faith or practice take place, and many times we never react or step forward at all when a big thing happens that might harm our or other’s faith.
    I was helpless when I realized how harmful this attitude can be to ourselves and to reverts and even a non-muslim. I did not know where to start but I decided to start with myself first. I needed to relearn Islam as it was practiced and taught in the time of the prophet instead of how it is being practiced by many today. I have discovered that those who practice Islam with knowledge and understanding to be the most humble and kind of people. I still have a long way to rediscover Islam but I feel happy that at least I know that I have a problem and I am working on fixing it.

    1. Thank you so kindly for your beautiful words. It is not my intention to split us (born and revert Muslims), but simply to point out some issues that need to be addressed so that we may be unified… have a beautiful day!

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