Lunch At North End Cafe

My friend invited me to lunch the other day. She has been working on me…. helping me gain my self confidence back and empowering me. Don’t you just love friends like that? I know I do. She asked where I wanted to go and since I picked the last place we went, I told her to choose; I am not picky. She chose the North End Cafe in the fantabulous Highlands. I, however, had my reservations about the place. The name conjured a place of uppity people and a too posh place for me. But, she was my friend, so I went and was greatly surprised. It was very comfortable and pretty place with the lemon grass colored walls. I felt quite at ease there and the fellow lunchers were friendly and open to talk to strangers. It was great!

They are a Kentucky Proud restaurant, meaning they serve healthy, wholesome food from local farmers and producers. They also offer a large variety of vegetarian and vegan menu options. My friend is a vegan, so she chose to have the Wild Mushroom Lasagna and I decided to have the same, and so glad I did. It is a lasagna with caramalized onions, mushrooms, spinach, ricotta, basil creame fraiche & tomato sauce. It was almost too pretty to eat. But, I did dig in and it was incredibly delicious. They also serve a variety of hot teas, but not sweet iced tea. I really am glad that I braved to go out of my comfort zone and went to this restaurant; definitely worth it.

Please check them out at or on Facebook, or on Twitter.


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