A Redo On My Dress With A Mess

As you may know (or not), I sew most of my clothes. As you may not know (or do), I am bad about not wearing aprons when I cook or clean; and it always shows on my clothes. I sewed this dress sometime in the last couple of months and did not wear an apron… and ended up not wearing it anymore because of it. I did not want to throw it out because it has a nice flow, comfortable, long and able to wear any season. So, what is a girl to do? Fabric markers and bravado (or stupidity) to draw a design (without any artistic talent). I was unsure of what design and thought about something that is a little more like henna in design. I had a bandanna laying around and took notes off of that to help me along. I also added a lighter color to make it pop. Here is a progression of the work.

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