Now Is The Time

Recently, my weight loss buddy lost another weight loss buddy. I saw things unfolding on Facebook and was shocked how they turned out. It is a reminder that our days are numbered and if we are going to make positive changes and improve our lives, now is the time. Doctors do what they can, but they cannot fix everything. We must educate ourselves about what is best for our bodies, but also address the rest of us. A holistic approach is best: mind, body and spirit. And just because our bodies may be doing well does not mean our mind and spirit are; eventually a disruption in one area will negatively impact the other areas.

February 10 (post reads) Having fun on Monday — at Saint Joseph Hospital.

Slipped shoveling the snow on that steep driveway. Pretty certain I’ve broken my ankle.

Bimalleolar Fracture–basically 2 breaks, will require pins. More details to follow.

February 10 (post reads) Round 2 — at Kentucky Orthopedic Associates.

Surgery is Thursday. Ugh…

I’m getting high tech because I’m going for one those funky new knee scooters.

February 10 (post reads) Round 3: labs and EKG — at Clark Regional Medical Center.

Broken ankle requiring surgery. Scheduled for Thursday. I’m not thrilled about this! I’m officially sick of the bad weather!

February 10 (post reads) Round 4: getting my knee scooter — at EZ Care Medical Supplies, Uniforms & Accessories.

Fell on ice clearing my driveway this morning. I have a steep long driveway and almost made it to the bottom before the injury.I’m so finished with winter!

February 10 (post reads) Round 5: getting meds — at Kroger.

Just in time! The pain is killing me right now. I’m home with foot elevated now. Time to watch the Olympics.

February 12 (post reads) Hopefully, first and only medical round today. Surgery pre-op appointment. — at Cardiology Associates.

No surgery tomorrow until I can get cardiac clearance. My heart rate is a little too high. Having stress test and heart echocardiogram tomorrow. The fun continues… I get the chemical test because I can’t walk… pain has improved. Swelling must be reducing. I took meds last night and slept soundly until 7am. I needed the sleep. Woke up briefly shortly after midnight and was petting a cat. Smoky had jumped in my lap without me knowing and I was petting him in my sleep.

February 13 (post reads) To add injury to injury, I partially fell off my front porch as I prepared to go to yet another doctor appointment. I forgot to put on the brake on my knee scooter and it went off the porch. I had to land on the bad foot to keep from hitting the ground.

What’s that saying: “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger?”

February 13 (post reads) I’m baaacccckkk! — at Cardiology Associates.

February 13 (post reads) I am so glad the sun is shining brightly!  hanging in there–one day at a time. Still waiting on the ok for surgery.

February 18  (post reads) Prayers, please. Headed to the hospital now for ankle surgery! The pain has been terrible since about 8pm yesterday. Trying to get it under control today.

February 18 (post reads) Surgery complete and heading home. Very groggy! Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers. I’m alert, watching the cats whip up on Ole Miss and just ate a big supper! Pain is tolerable. I am glad the surgery is over and appears to be a success!

February 20 (post reads) Two days after surgery and I’m feeling okay. I have this under control. Felt great to just wash off and wash my hair.

February 21  (post reads) i’m doing much better than earlier this week. The pain is much less. Taking it a day at a time. Was finally able to sleep through the night last night.

February 23 (post reads) To [my wife]

3 Ways to Tie a scarf – Italian style (link)

“Just back from a trip to Italy. Here’s a quick lesson for my gal-pals on 3-ways to tie a scarf a la Italian style.”

February 24 (post reads) Prayers, please. I feel bad today. Looks like I’ve caught a chest and head cold in addition to everything else.

February 25 (post reads) This is [his wife]. Please pray for Michael. Ambulance had to bring him to hospital. He is having a hard time breathing.

February 25 (post reads) Please continue to pray. Mike is in surgery now. He has a blood clot in his lungs.

February 25 (post reads) From [his wife]:

Services for [him]  will be held at Funeral Home: (address)

Thursday 2/27- visitation after 6

Friday 2/28- visitation after 1, prayer service 7pm

Funeral: Saturday 3/1 at 10am with burial to follow.

Thank you for your kind words and support during this time. They broke the mold when they made Chico.

From the University:

“An outstanding ambassador for the University, [he] worked tirelessly to help hundreds of eastern and central Kentuckians succeed in their business ventures, and his efforts were critical to creating jobs and enhancing economic development throughout the region.

He is remembered fondly by colleagues for his work ethic, professionalism, enthusiasm, wit and wisdom. His many appreciative clients came to know [he] not just as a trusted adviser,

but also as a friend who took a personal interest in their success.

His work was highly regarded throughout the Commonwealth, as evidenced by the statewide “traveling trophy” presented to the EKU SBDC in 2011 and 2012 for performance and productivity.”

8 thoughts on “Now Is The Time

    1. You are welcome. It really took me aback and has hurt my friend a lot as she had also broken her foot around the same time, but did not need surgery thankfully.

  1. Oh, this is sad. His poor family. I’m sad for your friend. I fell on the ice three times this winter, and I am so relieved I didn’t break anything. I see my kids race over the ice, and I walk so slowly, and I’m still more likely to fall.

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