Forecastle 2014 Line Up

“A FORECASTLE IS A SUPERSTRUCTURE AT THE BOW OF A SHIP WHERE THE CREW IS HOUSED. HARD AT WORK IN THE UNRULY SEA, IT’S A PLACE WORKERS GATHER AFTER A LONG DAY TO UNWIND. A PLACE WHERE THE PEOPLE COME TOGETHER, FOR ONE WHALE OF A GOOD TIME.” It is a great festival held on the 85 acre Waterfront Park in Louisville, Kentucky. 2014 dates are July 18-20th. The heart of it is music, art and activism. Forecastle just announced their line up and it will include OutKast, Jack White, Beck, The Replacements, Dwight Yoakam, and many more. The Forecastle foundation “finds, rehabilitate, preserve 12 of the most ecologically diverse, yet endangered areas on the planet.”

To find out more, please visit their website @ They have day and weekend tickets, full packages, information to explore the city and more information about their foundation. They can be found on instagram, facebook and twitter.


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