Listen To That Inner Voice

Something I have been working on lately is trusting myself again. You know what I am talking about, especially if you are a woman; that gut instinct, inner voice, women’s intuition or whatever you call it. It is what wards us from evil in the world… a protection from God. Perhaps even it is not your voice, not that of your subconscious, but that of our Creator, Protector, Loving and Merciful One guiding us. I use to listen and listen well, but as I got older and especially in this last marriage, I have been pushed to stifle the instinct, silence the voice that is telling me that something is amiss. I was forced to open my heart, home and life to people that I felt awkward with, that I innately did not trust and be in situations that were no good for me. It caused me to have a spiritual crisis and created so many doubts. Now, thankfully, I see the cause and am addressing it head on. I do not bend to pressures to suffocate the nudges from the Most Gracious. I say it as I “see” it, with my inner eye. I have no fear of what others may say or think of me. They can call me any name in the book and sling mud in my eye… I, however, will be true to me and trust that influence that shepherds me in the right direction.

intuitive mind einstein

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