Snow Sunset

I am what is called by many as frugal. I am not a cheapskate, because I will spend generously on others, but do not see any sense in spending money on things you can get less expensively… or even free. I usually get whatever I can from second hand stores or flea markets. I have a pinterest board on upcycling, recycling, and redesign.

The point is, I get my cell phones from the flea market… second hand. My last flea-market-phone lasted about three years. I got a My Touch 4g for $60 and a $40 plan that works as far off as Cincinnati, OH and Clay City, Ky. I have unlimited call and text,  fast internet and a pretty good camera on it.  Today, I was playing around, learning what I could of the special effects. Here is the end result.

sunset with phone

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