Little House in the Suburbs

Little House in the Suburbs: Backyard Farming and Home Skills for Self-Sufficient Living, is a gem of a book recommended by Homestead Self  Sufficiency Survival on Facebook. The things you will learn are:

– Gardening instructions for any-size yard and any skill level
– A complete overview of keeping chickens, mini-goats and bees in the suburbs
– More than 40 food recipes featuring ingredients from your garden or animals
– Canning techniques
– Recipes for natural deodorant, toothpaste, lip balm and other beauty products
– Step-by-step soapmaking instructions and soap recipes
– Natural cleaning recipes for kitchens, bathrooms, surfaces and laundry
– Gift basket ideas
– Community-building ideas including babysitting co-ops, meal swaps, and barter systems
– Advice on how to keep the peace with family, neighbors, and officials if your self-sufficient plans meet resistance

It is $17.45 on Amazon, but I found it free from my local library with three copies available; meaning I can check it out for a long time. I am trying to map out things and what direction I want to take and this will certainly help me on my path. I am excited despite the three inches of ice and snow we got last night.

little house in the suburbs

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