Getting Seeds Ready

Spring is tomorrow; not that you could tell by the weather we have been having. That means I need to kick it in gear and get things ready for gardening. I found a source for pallets and now need to prep the area. I decided to use a grass killing newspaper to lay down and take the pallets and make rectangles. I will dig out the rectangled areas and put hay in between for the paths. As for seed, in order to avoid gmo, I decided to save seed from organic, non gmo plant sources.

I found a great how to here. It gives you a step by step. I can find great sieves from the local Senegal store, as they use it to make couscous. It will take some time and plenty of space, so I hope to get started this weekend.  I will be roughing it this year as my gardening son is now staying with my dad to help him. I will have to be easy with my shoulder, but hope that I can get through it. If I can find a good source for topsoil, I may circumvent the above digging.

This photo gives an idea of what I would like to do…


5 thoughts on “Getting Seeds Ready

  1. Good luck with your gardening. I applaud your decision to not use GM seeds. Take care of your shoulder. I hope the hay mulch in the pathways doesn’t give you a lot of problem with weeds from hay-borne seeds. We’ll watch for stories of your progress.

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