The Best Chicken Coop Ever!

My dad is so handy dandy and upcycles everything he can get his hands on… hence why he has such a beautiful home and barn cabin at his Bowen Farm Bed & Breakfast. Before he turned his homestead into a bed and breakfast, he built a chicken coop. It is a double design with self cleaning and even a sink outside the coop to clean up eggs (or your hands). Self cleaning? Yes, the way he has it set up, the chickens roost over an opening covered with chicken wire. He is then able to shovel up the poo and use in his compost since they are organically fed, free range chickens. He also has three nesting boxes on each side that can be accessed from the outside. It has a fenced in backyard with a gate to let them free range during the day. Also the double sides are divided if you want to separate chickens.

I really want to have some chickens and would love to have a coop like this… only smaller. My dad told me his coop could easily house one hundred chickens. I want it to be from recycled materials too. In the meantime, I will just have to drool over his coop.

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