My Obsession: Homesteading and Tiny Homes

I always dream of escaping it all. I think of going to a far away land in the middle of the desert. Then I remember all the things I would miss here in my sweet Kentucky. I did not know at first how to marry my dream of escaping and my beloved home state… until these past six months or so. I have found a community of people all over the country (and overseas) that homestead in the truest sense of the word. They usually build what is coined “tiny homes” out of natural materials, upcycling as much as possible and living off the land for their food, water and livelihood. I was really turned on to this way by the show Mountain Men on HISTORY channel and especially Eustace Conway. They build homes that are family centered. They raise chickens, goats and other animals who do not need large areas. Some have work animals as in oxen and horses depending on their acreage. All of them grow their own organic food. They live in peace with nature, not fighting against it, but accepting its ebb and flow. This is the life I dream of for me and my kids. A place where we are in harmony and filled with joy. Then one day I saw this and was entranced. I fell in love. It is not in my beloved state of Kentucky, but would love to replicate it here.


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